Picking The Best 9 Shoes For Women

The cliche that every woman needs a lot of shoes is certainly not always true. There are, indeed, some women for whom there can never be enough. For the rest of the female population, there are just a few essentials, such as these 9 shoes for women that every woman needs.

Athletic shoes are a great option for wearing during the weekends, and other times when comfort is at a premium. Cross-trainers are popular, while specialty types are better for people who do a lot of one particular sport. Hiking, running, and tennis shoes are all common specialty options.

Sandals are also an essential, unless it is never warm where you live. Given that most parts of the world have at least a brief summer, most people need sandals. Flip-flops or some other type of beach sandal are great for casual wear, and getting the paper in the morning, while a nicer pair can be your go-to casual shoe for the summer months.

Not every woman can wear heels comfortably. In fact, most women cannot. So, a pair of nice flats is an essential for those days when heels are impossible, whether that is usually, or rarely. These flats can be substituted for heels at the office, or on fancy occasions, when your feet are just too worn out for heels.

Though it is becoming less common, a lot of women still wear heels to work every day. These heels, besides being professional-looking, should also be a low as you are comfortable with, since the higher the heel is, the more damage you do to your feet. Spending a lot of time in heels also increases the damage done, and you will likely spend a lot of time in this pair.

Fancy heels are for wearing out to dinner, and on nice occasions. These heels can be as tall as you like, because the objective is to look good in them, and you likely won’t be doing a lot of walking. Personal preference is going to stand out more in this shoe choice, because this pair is all about you– they don’t have to be professional for the office, or practical for exercising. Most women have more than one of this type of shoe.

Dress boots are common these days, and they are great for spicing up a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of outfit. They give a sexy edge to the ordinary outfit, or a funky edge to a fancier one. There are flat styles and styles with heels, so choose carefully based on what your needs are. The flat and low-heeled kind are better for wearing while running errands, or otherwise walking a lot.

A pair of winter shoes is also a good idea, unless you live in the tropics. These can be as simple as a pair of ordinary boots made for the weather, or can be as elaborate as specialty boots or sneakers lined with fake fur. These will keep your feet nice and toasty during the cold winter weather. Make sure that the kind you choose are waterproof, if you anticipate getting wet.